FIT ARTS is an innovative and exhila rating fitness system that will transform the way you work out. 

A dynamic fusion of Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial arts), yoga, acrobatics, kickboxing and dance, our system focuses on using multiple muscle groups simultaneously resulting in maximum calorie burn and long, lean, toned muscles.

Our workouts are an invigorating change of pace that breakthrough the mundane boredom of other typical fitness routines.
With FIT ARTS you’ll sculpt the body you’ve always dreamed of and get in the best shape of your life.


-Develop long, lean, and toned muscles through Body Weight Training.
-The program uses a natural approach by utilizing the body’s own weight to produce more natural looking results.
-Body weight Training can be safer for your body than outside forces like heavy weights, and bulky gym equipment.
-Never get Bored!  Learn a skill while getting in shape.
-FIT ARTS offers the best step by step techniques to training exercises of the world’s most physical sports—exercises which the top athletes train to get in shape. 

Your time spent at the gym doing traditional training exercises can instead be used learning elements of Capoeira, Acrobatics, Dance, Boxing, Kick-Boxing, Body weight Training, and more!

FIT ARTS gets great results fast! 

"Our methods generate maximum calorie burn and muscle stimulation resulting in rapid fat loss and body toning!"                 -AlfredKendrick,Fit Arts creator


“I get tired of the same old gym workouts. Fit Arts offers me so much more and I’m never bored.” -Michael Steger, FIT ARTS Practitioner & Actor  

“Fit Arts challenges my body and challenges my mind! I am so focused on learning skills and having fun I forget that I am getting in shape too!” -Tary Perich, Fit Arts Practitioner

“I love the feeling of being lean and fit.” - Chelsey Korus, FIT ARTS Practitioner & Fitness Model

“Why do I drive an hour in LA traffic to workout at Fit Arts? It's the super fun, and exciting workouts! It's the camaraderie and friendships. It's the hilarious, charismatic instructor who believes and knows that I can do it! I'm doing things I did as a kid at 33 years old... handstands, cartwheels, and back bends! I'm doing things I always wanted to do.... kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, Capoeira. I'm doing things that I knew I'd have to work on ....real pushups, sit-ups, and climbing the silks. And I'm working on things that I never thought I could do but I now believe I can do with Fit Arts...jumps and flips! I'm getting stronger and more flexible, and I can defend myself and kick someone's ass! That is why I do Fit Arts, and I will never stop.”  -Roxanne Schultz, Fit Arts Practitioner



    •    Fit Arts Workout Class (a blend of boxing, kickboxing, Capoeira, weight training, body weight training, and more).
    •    Capoeira (A blend of traditional and contemporary training to learning the styles of Regional, Angola, And Benguela)
    •    Fit Arts Acrobatics (Acrobatic Movements, Tumbling, Conditioning and Flexibility.)
    •    Power Flow Yoga (A fun and fluid flow, choreographed to a variety of music.)
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    •    Personalized Fitness Programs
    •    Nutritional Guidance
    •    Advanced Body Sculpting & Toning techniques
    •    And More

    •    Aerial Workouts
    •    Acrobatics
    •    Boxing
    •    Yoga
    •    Capoeira
    •    Kickboxing
    •    Flexibility Training  
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This is your chance to become a part of the FIT ARTS fitness revolution!
Your clients will never refer to time spent with you as a training session; they will describe training with you as a Fitness Event!!!!  As a FIT ARTS trainer you will have the unique ability of not only transforming your clients’ bodies, but their entire approach to fitness. Millions of people stare in awe everyday as they sit at home watching the sheer explosiveness of athletes and the skills and gracefulness of dancers and performing artists. The FIT ARTS program will teach you how to take these skills and transfer them to your clients’ workouts.
FIT ARTS unique programs go beyond normal personal training certification to offer the first specialized training certification for athletes, coaches, and practitioners of  Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, dance, Break dance, Capoeira, boxing and more.

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Hollywood Location
:  7561 Sunset Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90046

Phone: (323) 362-6459
Facebook: FitArts


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